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Needed...wifi expert the simplest terms here is what I am trying to do...using TMO ... BlackBerry Wi-Fi forum

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    Connecting multiple wireless routers


    Needed...wifi expert the simplest terms here is what I am trying to do...using TMO branded routers and TMO UMA phones (8320, 8220, nokia 9086)

    1. First router is on Channel 11. Linksys / SSID = @homexxxx

    2. 2nd router is dlink. in Bridge Mode / Channel 6. SSId = @homexxxx

    This was working fine and I get seamless handoffs on my UMA phones. Now I am trying to expand coverage to the other end of the home. Attached a 2nd dlink to the first (dlink) Also in Bridge Mode / Settings are channel 1, ssid = @homexxxx

    This has not worked as well and tends to knock the phones off UMA completely. Also the wireless connectivity on PC's seems unreliable.

    Again Wired as below:
    Linksys wired to Dlink wired to Dlink.

    Any thoughts? Should this work? any other settings I need to check?
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    I'm not an expert but whenever I set up a bridge connection it was just that a bridge from wireless router A to wireless router B only and no other wireless devices will connect to the bridge. Example if you had a computer in your living room and wanted to connect it to the router in the den. You would run a network cable from your computer to router B or the bridge. The bridge will only talk to router A to get a connection.

    The best solution I've come up with using multiple routers is to hook up the wan port to the lan port on the main router. I also use different ssid's so when the laptops try to connect they don't get confused and connect to the incorrect router. I just set all the wireless connections in the blackberry and let it decide which signal to use.

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