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Originally Posted by jzarowitz ok, so this story gets more strange... last night i arrived ... BlackBerry Wi-Fi forum

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    Re: Calls over UMA via Tmo


    Quote Originally Posted by jzarowitz View Post
    ok, so this story gets more strange... last night i arrived in a tmobile coverage area... and at my folks house... while connected to their off brand 3 year old router, i made and received phone calls on uma...and they all billed as wifi as minutes used.

    is it neccessary to be within the boundary of a tmobile tower for minutes to bill properly on UMA WiFi? that sorta defeats the point of UMA then, doesnt it? i got it because i have no coverage in my home...and my bb is my only phone... but if you have to be near a tmo tower for the minutes to bill as WiFi, whats the point of HotSpot@Home?

    does this make sense to anyone?
    Nope, and it is not correct. I have seen posts of people using this overseas with nary a tmo tower in site!
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    Re: Calls over UMA via Tmo

    well, im back to my roaming connection, but on Tmobile via UMA and my wifi connection, and the UMA calls are not billing correctly again. it worked when i was surrounded by tmobile towers, but now that i am surrounded by someone elses towers, even though the phone shows tmobile connectivity via wifi, the minutes are being taken from my anytime, and not being billed as wifi.

    the sim card swap did not help at all.
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