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Can one use UMA on at@t network with the 8820?... BlackBerry Wi-Fi forum

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    8820 and UMA


    Can one use UMA on at@t network with the 8820?

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    Re: 8820 and UMA

    nope att does not support UMA at this time
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    Re: 8820 and UMA

    Does this mean that you cannot make calls using the wifi on the 8820?

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    Re: 8820 and UMA

    Possibly with some other third party software such as Skype but not using the UMA protocol, which doesn't exist on the 8820 to my understanding anyway. More than likely will not see the UMA come to AT$T unless T-Mo rollout appears to be too much of a competitor, as AT$T is basing their revenue and earnings on the 3G network buildout they have instituted, otherwisr I think they would already be pushing this feature out as they do currently have quite a few devices that have wi-fi on them.

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