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Originally Posted by CMangum Sweet job nice clean screens and icons I like it Thank ... 83xx Themes forum

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    Theme update. OTA's Posted on the first post for the 81xx/87xx/88xx


    Quote Originally Posted by CMangum View Post
    Sweet job nice clean screens and icons I like it
    Thank you very much .

    Quote Originally Posted by Justyn View Post
    Weak comment man!!!

    I can't help it if I jumped on the 8120 not being able to wait for the Bold. Yeah i regret it everytime somone comes up with a sweet Curve or Bold theme and when I say "Pearl?"... no one even acknowledges me.
    BUt I'd still like to see it on the PEarl...

    Don't make me beg

    I'm sorry no one acknowledges you bro but you see I'll let you in a little secret. The reason why so many theme developers don't like to go back to the drawing board and make it available for your device is that it's a bit tedious as the theme creator has to readjust the wallpapers and resize them to fit your screen. Second, the icons sometimes don't quite work well on your screen again because of the size. [I did however make changes to this theme in order for it to look nice on your device. I added more lines for your messages and unfortunately had to cut one icon at the bottom. Here's the pic. {unfortunately, I cannot upload the pic the way I used at the moment but I am adding it as an attachment so you can see it.} Note that you will only see it via a pc or through Opera mini as an attachment when logged in.

    Quote Originally Posted by zaynsizmame View Post
    Great job Raton! Cant wait to try it out.
    No need to wait. The theme was already made for your device and for the OS compatible for yours as well. Unless, you were waiting for the pearl version.

    Quote Originally Posted by Sam123gil View Post
    That is very nice and clean
    Thank you

    Once again, I didn't expect for anyone to like this theme as I explained. I was just fiddling around with Plazmic and it just happened lol. One of those things. Enjoy guys! Let me know how it works for your pearl. I don't have one so I couldn't test it. (another reason why I don't make themes for it)
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    Dude. Not saying you were mean. You're being truthful and I'm knocking myself. Believe me, I'd rather have a Curve and update the OS. Instead I'm stick with this Pearl because I couldn't wait for the new design and wanted to try out a better OS. I was being sarcastin when saying the knock on the Pearl was a week comment, you can't really hear it though just by reading what I type
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