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Hi, It's the MORON again..... I am in dire need of TWO themes. I need ... 83xx Themes forum

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    It's the MORON again.....

    I am in dire need of TWO themes. I need one for my 8330 (Curve) and one for my 9000 (Bold).

    I am willing to pay a reasonable fee for someone to create an Edmonton Oilers Custom theme only for me. What is the value of that?

    I would like the Curve Theme to be created using the OS 4.5 standards and, of course, the 9000 theme to be made for OS 4.6 (is that possible yet?)

    Both themes should have a relatively dark background with an Oilers logo for the main screen, with relatively dark blue/copper backgrounds for the other screens.

    The icons for both should be Oiler/Hockey related.

    Anyone interested in taking this task on should p.m. me.

    Thanks to any who take on the challenge. I would do it myself except that I am as creative as an amoeba!
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    I don't know if we can make themes for 4.6 yet. I modded my themebuilder to export to lower OS's so maybe I can mod it to go the other way.

    I already have a couple of theme requests but I'm sure someone on here (quite possibly a much better theme maker than I) will pick up this task for you. If not pm or pin me and I'll give it a shot.
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    Hey hows it goin i was wondering if you can make a virginia tech theme and a real madrid theme for an 8830 thanks

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    can someone make a ed hardy theme for me

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    ~via BB ( check out my ed hardy theme in the free themes, misc section.

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