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Sup Stackers, I am looking to purchase the Real iBerry Blocks Zen - Curves - ... 83xx Themes forum

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    Question Question About Purchased Theme


    Sup Stackers,
    I am looking to purchase the Real iBerry Blocks Zen - Curves - 8300s theme from the pinstack store but I am leary about it. Reason being the last Zen theme I purchased (from somewhere else) didn't allow me to change the order of the icons on the home screen (the screen where icons are on the left of the screen). I currently have the BB Demension Zen theme set the way I want. Does anyone know if the themes from the pinstack store act the same as the ones that came preloaded on my 8320? Allowing me to move the icons around on the app screen so they line up the way I want on the Zen Screen.

    Thanks in advance,

    I can't post the link to show the theme I guess because I am only level 1 but if you search the store for Real iBerry Blocks Zen and click on one for 83xx there it will be.

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    Someone with some actual theme experience I'm sure will come along and answer this if I am wrong but it's my understanding that any theme with "Zen" in it should allow for customizable icons.
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