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Here we go. So all the Icons are pretty much the same as my other ... 83xx Themes forum

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    Precision BB button (User Defined Grey Fonts)


    Here we go.
    So all the Icons are pretty much the same as my other theme (Precision Blackberry Button)
    I had alot of request for making the font color grey, so I did and in the process figured out a way to make the Fonts user defined... Now I won't have to make 3 different versions! LOL
    Hope You enjoy this.
    Unfortunatly I have spent enough time on this theme, So I will only be doing Mods to it and delivering zip files via email, After a donation is given... Sorry just wanna move on from this, and maybe sleep! LOL
    Bottom Dock:
    -Network is in the banner, just used the pic from the other version of the theme.
    -All icons are customizable
    -All fonts are Grey on Black background
    - This is only for 4.5 OS... But I will export to 4.2 upon request of which version and email... 4.2 versions will only be available via zip file.
    -Maximum of 7 message icons can be displayed at once in banner.. I only have 6 apps on my berry that I could test it with... But I'm sure 7 will fit.
    -Lock screen is the same as home screen.
    -incoming call screen; the blackberry symbol is only visible at the right angle... straight on lookin, its pretty much white on black.
    L Theme:
    -No Profile in banner for better scrollin on homescreen
    -Network has been added
    -Up and down, side to side on home screen.
    Let me know what you think. I'm open to suggestions.

    Thanks to Antonskraze for hookin me up with the OTA!!!!

    Bottom Dock:

    L style:
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    this is sweet do you customize icons? kind of new at this


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    Are you gonna do a Bold one? Im interested.

    By the way I like it, looks good.


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