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OK.. I have gone way minimalistic on my themes as of late. The less clutter ... 83xx Themes forum

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    Need some experts help on battery and signal meters..


    OK.. I have gone way minimalistic on my themes as of late. The less clutter in the banner the better. Here are a couple screen shots so you can see what I mean.

    The problem I am having is with the battery meters and signal meters on the Black and White does not have enough contrast as they move up and down, so I can't tell what levels I am at....

    1. Other than changing pixel by pixel, is there a way to get better contrast with Gimp...

    2. Is there a better set of meters that will still give me the minimal approach I am looking for. I want something close to what I have.

    Any help would be great...
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    Like you said what I always do is take a meter that was already made and just go back and edit it to my liking that's the easiest way to customize them you may ask cherri how she makes hers she has some awesome themes ~via BB (

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    There is a *how to* on making the meters in the resource files for the CDK. Maybe I'll do my own *how to* and post it. Once you get the main concept your possibilities are really endless.

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