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Hey everyone! I tried looking around for awhile but could not seem to find some ... 83xx Themes forum

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    Editing themes


    Hey everyone! I tried looking around for awhile but could not seem to find some information on a few things I am trying to learn how to do..

    First of all.I was able to open up the jad file and put a cool theme on my new blackberry. The text in the menu in options is a bit small. I went into screen/keyboard and changing the text did not work.

    Is there a way I can open the files from the theme in a program and edit the content size?

    Also..when I add a theme on the computer there is a download option..I dragged and drop files into my blackberry, but it does not use data and cost to get these files correct? I currently have no data package.

    Also..what is the diff between the zip themes, and the jad themes, and the zip themes that have axl file extensions.

    I apologize for not being able to find/understand any of this stuff.

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    Sorry but you can't edit a theme that loaded on your phone beyond what the designer allows. Even if you downloaded a theme creator like plazmic you would have to get the correct file from the designer to do detailed editing like that and no one gives their stuff away.

    As for putting themes on you blackberry you are gonna wanna use the zip file links. The software disc and cable that came with your phone are the way to get that *.alx file onto your phone. You use the application loader program on the BB desktop manager and add the *.alx file to your phone. Loading themes OTA (over the air) is costly if you don't have a data plan. The *.jad files are for OTA installations. No internet plan = less themes because there are a lot of themes you can only get OTA.

    I recommend getting the data plan for your phone. It gives you so much more than just a phone with a glorified palm pilot.

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