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"Anyone know what happened with this site? I was waiting to get some $$ in ... 83xx Themes forum

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    "Anyone know what happened with this site? I was waiting to get some $$ in my paypal account and was interested in a few of those themes. Does anyone know what happened or why it was shut down? I take it there is none of those themes available now or the person is giving them away? I am guessing he must have gotten some flack from Apple."

    Sorry just read a similiar post. Kinda stinks, maybe someone can "leak" them for free?

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    Re: BBextras???

    The themes you are requesting are the property of the designer. Requesting someone to "leak" the theme would be illegal.

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    Re: BBextras???

    brokenbricks, requesting the "leak" of themes for free as doughdaddy said is not acceptable and a PinStack Rules violation.

    Thread closed.

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