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What up!This is my first theme and I am totally welcomed to ALL criticism PLEASE!I ... 83xx Themes forum

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    What up!This is my first theme and I am totally welcomed to ALL criticism PLEASE!I wanna build great themes like alot of yall and better (nothing personal lol).this one is simple.I used a stealth bomber wp I found somewhere with light colored storm icons I think it is.the icons came with plazmic 4.7.I searched net after starting this one and found lots of icons that I will play around with on the next one but the storm icons seemed to fit with this theme so I kept them.icons are also user definable and animate from right to left when focused on with 7 icons on home screen.the app screen is really tight imo cuz some icons are almost invisible until focused on.the only problem I can maybe see is font color for messages on home screen,I cant seem to think of anything.white is too light and black is too file for now.will figure out ota
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    Nice work and isn't that plane THE est thing you've ever seen?
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    Ota please
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    Ota please
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