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Not very fancy but...was able to change some things I didn't like with the Dimension ... 83xx Themes forum

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    Not very fancy but...was able to change some things I didn't like with the Dimension Today theme so that it works/looks better for me. Fooled around with banner layout, applications and some other cosmetic stuff.

    How can I attach a picture of the themes?

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    Re: My first Plazmic theme

    not bad

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    5 people have this theme and say its theirs...why??

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    Because people get the zip files and then post them as their own......thats' why many theme builders only post OTA links, the average user won't know how to make a zip file with a cod and alx from a theme they downloaded OTA....

    Also, many themes are look-alikes with same wallpapers and same/similar icons and maybe a slightly different fonts or colors.....many times people see a theme they like but hate the font so they try to duplicate it but use their preferred font.

    I would say whichever one was posted at the earliest date was the original and the others are either stolen and reposted in someone elses name or they are copy-cat versions....
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