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Ok, this may be my last video game one for a while. But have been ... 83xx Themes forum

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    83xx 4.2/4.5 Massing the troops


    Ok, this may be my last video game one for a while. But have been holding on to these backgrounds for sometime now and decided to put this together.

    Another hidden dock theme (seem to really like those). You will notice a little mario icon when the dock is hidden in the picture. that is the profiles icon. HOWEVER - YOU HAVE TO SET THE ICON TO BE PROFILES. As usual all the icons on the bottom dock are user customizable, and so is the 1 icon that shows when the dock is hidden. Originally i had just been putting the profiles icon in the svg and it would never change no matter what your profile was set to. Decided to go this route so the icon would change. The icon HAS TO BE IN THE 7TH SLOT. Whatever icon is in the seventh position on the main screen is what will be here. I prefer profiles, some prefer lock, it really can be whatever you want it to be.

    As far as the theme goes, couple custom mario icons, you should see the "jumping mario" icon in the picture highlighted, that is the "Brickbreaker" icon - thought that was appropriate. Also, if your good, you should know what level is on the banner - its real easy. Also, there is no status text on the main screen, but you can prob. tell that the icons in the dock "pop up" when highlighted so you can see which one your on.

    Anyway, hope you like it, let me know what you think.

    4.2 Massing the Troops OTA here

    4.5 Massing the Troops OTA here

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    Nice job holster

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    This is awesome Andy- Great Job!- Chris
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    Very cool theme

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