I have a Satellite A305-S6898, its just over a year old as I got it for Christmas in 2008. Up until yesterday I have experienced no power problems with it. I was at my desk and was focused on something else, then looked at my PC and I noticed my screen was darkened as it was not charging.

Later last night, I took it home, and eventually it ended up being able to charge from a home outlet. I left it off overnight, but charging. This morning when I woke up it was still plugged in and charging (Toshiba A305 has lights on the bottom front - plugged in was lit, and fully charged was also lit).

Now I'm at work again, and its decided not to charge whatsoever so far today. I realize this could be as simple as buying a new power brick and cord, or it could be as bad as a motherboard problem. What would you suggest?

I would greatly appreciate any opinions. Thanks.