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    I just spent 4 hours on the phone with RIM and we found what may be the problem with some Vista installs. If you install Desktop Manager and it flashes quick but won't open check your registry for this: HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT>>RIMDeviceManager.DeviceManager and see if the following two folders exsist under it: CLSID and CurVer then check HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT>>RIMDeviceManager.DeviceManager. 1 for the following folder in it: CLSID

    If they do not exsist, or you cannot open them due to permissions error, then you don't have the correct permissions to create the entries on install. Follow this and it should work. It did for me and it works now. (yea finally!)

    1- Uninstall Desktop Manager (if installed) and choose the "Remove all user Info" option during uninstall (this will remove registry entries)
    2- Open the registry (regedit from the run menu) and ADD the following keys in the HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT section: RIMDeviceManager.DeviceManager and RIMDeviceManager.DeviceManager.1
    3- Right click each folder and choose permissions and ADD the "Everyone" user, now give the "Everyone" user and the "SYSTEM" and your "Admistrator" user full control and read control, click OK when done after each
    4- Close the regedit and reinstall Desktop Manager, it now has the permissions it needs to create the sub folders and entries it needs, when done it should run

    Let me know if this helps anyone. RIM will be adding it to there FAQ on their site also. (probably worded better though)

    (Also, thanks to Drake at RIM for sticking it out to resolution)
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