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    Installing Windows 8 on my Eee PC


    My little Asus Eee PC Netbook, upon which I have run several variants of Linux and more recently Windows 7 "Starter", is currently installing a download of Windows 8. The installation program claims that it will be a fully functional install of 8 except no touchscreen (obviously) and because of low screen resolution on the device it will not allow downloads of apps from the Windows App store (whatever it's called . . .). But I'm not gonna miss that because all the apps are available for my Windows smartphone (HTC HD7 running Mango). However, SkyDrive will be available and a sync with Google so everything looks like it will work well. I bought the upgrade for $39 at the Microsoft site and it took 90 minutes to download over my cable isp through a router/wifi.

    It will be interesting to run live tiles with a mouse or a mouse pad. If this runs my Netbook as well as Mango is running my HTC, I'm in for a treat. I'll keep you (the 3 or 4 folks that may stumble across this post) updated!

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    Do that.
    I'm enjoying mine. And the experience with WP is great as well.

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    Finished the install and have been playing with it for a few hours. It's very smooth, and runs the netbook a lot faster than 7 did. The live tiles are actually a completely redone start menu that shells over a UI that is pretty much identical to what we've grown accustomed to in 7 (and before) so if you can navigate windows the new 8 is easy to learn. The sync with SkyDrive is seamless (so I can take a picture with my smartphone and it is immediately on the netbook) and (of course) Google syncs easily also (calendar, gmail, contacts, etc.) It's very nice, I'm impressed and it was worth the 40 bucks.

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