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I have a VZW 8130 I want to setup for the wife so that she ... Microsoft Windows forum

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    8130 config w/o BIS or BES question


    I have a VZW 8130 I want to setup for the wife so that she can sync with her outlook. Desktop Manager and the 8130 seemed persistant that I use BIS or BES. Ideas? TIA


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    Your BB has to go through either BIS or BES. That is what data plan you signed up for, and since, with Verizon, you have to have a data plan, you definitely have one or the other.

    The difference, besides cost, is that BES goes through a corporate server. This is email that runs through your employer's internal servers, (unlike, say, a gmail account). BIS is usually just for personal use.

    I know that the BIS plan runs $29.99/ month and the BES is considerably more.

    Hopefully this helps you figure out which you have, then configure the BB accordingly!

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