Hello Pinoy Stackers

I'm not in the Philippines, but a good friend/co-worker of mine is currently there and having problems with BlackBerry service.

Her Pearl 8100 is "locked" from Digicel here in the Cayman Islands and she has been getting service during her trip over to the Philippines... Cayman-Bahamas-London-Hong Kong but only initially as she arrived at Manila...she got off a BB Messenger text to advise that she had arrived, but service was lost just after sending??!!

The Pearl was set to "Manage Networks...manual search"....she connects to both Smart & then Globe but still unable to get service.

She is residing in Dasmarinas, Cavite and has been advised that there is no gprs service available in that area

Everything was set up over here for international roaming with unlimited data plan.

Any suggestions welcome as I'm afraid that int'l text messaging may be too expensive from the Philippines (any idea how much?).

Thanks in advance,