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    Peal 8100 LED issues


    I have a Pearl 8100. The Led behaves as it should until i receieve a call. Then it stays on constant green. The only way it reverts to flashing is if i recieve a text or BB massenger message.

    Can anyone shed any light? is my handset faulty?

    Oh and does anyone know what it costs to send / receieve PIN massages and to use BB messenger? i have seen this question asked and the reply always seems to be, 'you must have a blackberry data plan'

    Well i have on o2, now please, WHAT DOES IT COST!!!!


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    Re: Peal 8100 LED issues

    welcome to the stacks.

    havent heard about the flashing light problem have you had a look in the setting settings>screen/keyboard. and see if the LED coverage indicator is set to what you like.

    as to the cost of pin massages, its like everyone says you need a data plan.
    it like i am on vodafone (uk) and normally you have the contract like 100txts,500mins xnetwork, and 10mb data.
    well the data bit is what you use it wont cost you like a txt will (1 txt = 10p or something like that)
    if you see how much data you have on your contract its this that will be used.
    its the same data that will be used if you use the mobile to go on the internet or download games,ringtones,pics.
    so when you pin someone it use a little bit of that data package you have, its only a small amout i think its like anything between 1kb-30kb depending on how much you wrote in the messanger.
    so if you have unlimted data plan then its free as your data wont run out.
    if you have something like 5mb data plan then after your 5mb is used up o2 will charge you for the extra data that was used, that charge depends on the network (but i dont think it will be that much as i am vodafone so i dont know o2 charges)
    hope this help a bit.
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    Re: Peal 8100 LED issues

    All carriers have various data plans so just make sure you get the one that works best for you. I believe that T-Mobile has the best data plan (I think a lot of stackers mentioned $19.99 in previous post). I've got Cingular/AT&T and the plan for me is close to $45 per month. Just contact your carrier, and let them know everything you plan on doing with your BB, but you'll definitely need a data plan. BB aren't any fun at all without a data plan. Sorry I can't help you about the light issue. I just keep my light indicators off even when I use my bluetooth because those lights annoy me to no end. Oh by the way, welcome to the Stacks.

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