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    Question Palm to Pearl help


    Hi, I am a Palm user from almost the beginning (Palm Pro) and have evolved until I had a Treo 600. I liked the Palm apps and Graffiti, but I updated to a Treo 680 which is unreliable (crashes, bluetooth doesn't drop, etc.) so I reluctantly asked Rogers to switch me to a Pearl.

    Wow, what a pleasant surprise! Awesome size, good phone, etc. but one not so tiny problem. I have hundreds of contacts in my Palm and I dread re-entering them via the tiny keyboard. Unfortunately, I am not an Outlook user either (I use Thunderbird) so that's not really an option either.

    Doers anyone know how I could do this, or can you recommend a Windoze app that will allow me to maintain my Pearl's contacts on my desktop and then just squirt it to the Pearl?

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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    I hope you have all of your contacts in thunder bird. Pearl will pick up only from outlook or outlook express. So first export all your contacts from thunderbird into CSv format. Then import that csv to outlook. This way you will gett all of your contacts in outlook. From outlook push then to pearl via desktop manager. Simple, hope that helps. Pin me problem persists, or PM me.

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    Re: Palm to Pearl help

    You also have the device switch option in desktop manager ig you still have the treo
    I'm french canadian so I can also help you in french, just PM me
    UNLESS it is for a BETA OS, it's at your own risk and I won't support it

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    Re: Palm to Pearl help

    If you go to DM, intellisync, you will see an option to back up PIM info to your BB.
    ~via BB (

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