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Hey everyone. I am a new pearl owner. My Moto RAZR died last week, so ... Canadian Stackers forum

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    introduce myself


    Hey everyone.

    I am a new pearl owner. My Moto RAZR died last week, so Rogers hooked me up with my first BB.

    I currently have a voice plan(no data yet), but went with the pearl because it is my only phone and I needed something of high quality and relaible. I am also a sucker for sexy, expensive, shinny toys. It is my only phone because I am never in my condo so a land line would be a waste of money IMO.

    I have spent this week learning the ins and outs of my Pearl, upgrading it, reading the manual, etc etc......I am a geek like that. But there are some odd things that I need to bouce off some experts so I looked up this forum. Rogers BB support seems to be very lacking.

    anyways, For now I will just sit and listen. get my questions answered and hopefully I be able to contribute at some point once I am up to speed.



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    Re: introduce myself

    Hey there paulypaul, welcome... let us know of any questions, or concerns you have regarding your new toy/BB ;-)
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    Re: introduce myself

    Welcome to the stacks Paulypaul
    Feel free to ask anything you need
    I'm french canadian so I can also help you in french, just PM me
    UNLESS it is for a BETA OS, it's at your own risk and I won't support it

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