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    Hello From Red Deer Alberta!


    Well, Ive been a member of pinstack for like three years and never made a post that I can remember so I thought better late than never. Well, let me tell you a little story. My first black berry was a 8100 pearl and I must say I loved the phone. I tinkered with it for weeks doing anything and everything. OH BOY! Seeing that I live in Canada and Rogers SUCKS with their costly data plans, my first BB bill came just over $800! I turned white and felt a little faint. I then proceeded to call Rogers to see if there was anything they could do and YES! At least a little.... I changed my data plan and that knocked about $400 off the data useage. YAY! And then cautiously proceeded to no longer do OTA and just use desktop manager to install downloaded themes and games from my computer. OK that was over three years ago when this phone was bran spanking new and got a great deal and paid only $150 from Telephone booth. Moving on, Telus gave me a call in late July of 2009 asking me if I wanted to switch over. So I listened to what they had to offer and I was sold! My bills would no longer be up in the $200 range any longer. Now its more like $60 a month plus a few extras. I got a free phone out of the deal which just happened to be another black berry. This time I got a 8130 with the built in GPS. Let me just say that these phones can take some abuse. I work in the oil patch and my 8100 has taken a beating. Dropped numerous times which resulted the phone comming apart in three pieces (battery and back plate flying across the lawn). The battery clip broke off so it wouldnt stay on anymore but fixed with a synthetic skin cover. I have cleaned my tracker ball numerous times and works perfectly still. The phone is still in one piece and all original. The pearl is now yellow with dirt and skin grease. The keys are loose and faded. The screen scratched and worn. USB Port is working but worn out (cable movement).

    Time to put the 8100 to rest (old school)
    Time to abuse the 8130 (New hotness!)

    Thats my rant! Hope you enjoyed it.

    Reid Carrico

    Red Deer, Alberta, Canada

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    Welcome to posting glad you decided to join in! I agree, the BBs are tough...I've dropped mine, spilled coffee in it, gotten glue and paint on it....the keys are chipped, the usb port is a bit sensitive to movement, but it still runs like a champ. But I have gone through tons of trackballs, I don't like when they don't look new so I replace them every couple months
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    Nice rant, glad ur posting....cheers!
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    Its funny you should mention the abuse an 8100 can take. I must have first purchased mine about 3 to 4 years ago. Well I put that phone through a lot! Since then I've had about 5 to 6 Curves, an 8220 and now I'm on an 8900 Curve. I just recently found my original 8100 that I'd gotten so long ago and it looks better than some of the Curves I've had to return in the past year or so. The only thing wrong with it really is the trackball is missing and the plate to keep it in. But I think I gave that to someone else who needed it. But that thing looks like it has a few more years of usage in it compared to the Curves I've had. Anyway, thanks for posting!!
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    Just ask
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    welcome aboard!

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