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Just introducing myself and asking a question: - I am a former TELUS Mobiltiy Team ... Canadian Stackers forum

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    Hello All!


    Just introducing myself and asking a question:

    - I am a former TELUS Mobiltiy Team Member and TELUS ROCKS, but I just don't work there anymore.
    - I am a former Windows Mobile user turned BlackBerry user, still leary due to my familiarity with WM registry editing for better customization, MAN THAT WAS COOL!!!

    Anybody know of a similar method of "customizing" a BB device, that is close to the Windows Registry? Like, change the banner image, add a file to show the corrisponding "letter to number" keys, like a regular phone pad (1=ABC, etc...). Forgive me if there is a WAY shorter description for that (and I'm supposed to be an old TELUS veteran?, LoL), and what application is required to create custom BB themes, because I have so many ideas!

    NOTE: "Peace in the Middle East!"
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    Re: Hello All!

    Hey, mteskey, glad to have another Canadian on PinStack!

    I'm a little bit familiar with the regedit on windows mobile machines but I think you will find the RIM OS to be much more stable.

    Plazmic Theme builder is used to create and customize your interface. There are some great useful threads here on PinStack that can help you find your way through this process. (I'm just in the midst of learning how to develop themes myself).

    For installation of Plazmic try here:

    To learn how to create a theme try here:

    Also, for your letter to number issue... try just typing the letters on your keypad. If you were to dial a number (eg 1888 RECON98) instead of dialing the numbers that correspond with RECON you can hold down the "alt" button and type the letters. The blackberry will do the conversion for you.

    Good luck with your transition to a more superior machine! If you have any questions feel free to PIN me. 2066e399

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    Re: Hello All!

    Hello and a big Welcome to the Stacks!~
    See the Official Latest OS threads updated regularly for All Devices.
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    Just Ask

    Re: Hello All!

    Hi, welcome to PinStack!
    Thx a lot!
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    Re: Hello All!

    welcome to pinstack and the bb addiction

    your in a better place now

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    Re: Hello All!

    Hi and welcome to pin stacker! I'm sorry i can't replay to your request but its nice to see another Canadian


    Rick Renaud

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