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I've been trying to search on Fido where or which different types of data plan ... Canadian Stackers forum

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    Question Fido customer considering getting a data plan..


    I've been trying to search on Fido where or which different types of data plan services they have to offer. Currently I'm a Fido customer and I'm considering getting a unlimited data plan so I can surf the web, download themes, txt msg (not necessarily by PIN if extra fee is required), and browse thru google maps.

    My question is does Fido have any good data plans they offer? I've been reading and noticed Fido offer Blackberry connect something which I didn't know...any plan you would recommend? I'm considering removing voice msg + call display and the 100 txt msgs for something better. Let me know what you suggest. Thanks

    This is currently what I have:

    150/Unl. E/WE + Fido to Fido
    Voice mesg + call display
    911 + saf
    100 txt msgs

    Comes out to $58
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    Re: Fido customer considering getting a data plan..

    BlackBerry Connect is BlackBerry software that runs on non BlackBerry devices. There are very few of those, and compared to using a real BlackBerry, it's pretty lame.

    There are only two types of data services for a (real) BlackBerry - BIS and Enterprise.

    Typically Enterprise is more expensive (guess they figure some company is going to foot the bill for it anyway!), but it depends on the provider whether or not they even make that distinction. Of course, within those two services, you can have different plans - how much data, with or without SMS, etc. Each provider rolls their own!

    Enterprise service requires connection to a BES (BlackBerry Enterprise Server) which is usually maintained by a company, although there are "Hosted BES" services available, and for the more technically inclined, for free you can download BES Express which is a full blown BES limited to 10 (or 11?) devices. All of these would require Enterprise service.

    BIS (BlackBerry Internet Service) is what is typically used by individuals.

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    Your lucky, us Fido users finally have gotten Blackberry packages available! I just got my Storm 9500 activated on BIS and BES the other day (and loving it). I know its been a while since your post. But just wanted to keep you updated.
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