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So, I switched from Rogers and I knew that going in, the Bell coverage in ... Canadian Stackers forum

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    Anyone here an insider at Bell? (Coverage)


    So, I switched from Rogers and I knew that going in, the Bell coverage in the Vancouver lower mainland wouldn't be as good. However, I pay a higher system access fee and given Bell's relationship with the Olympics - I assume that coverage will get better.

    It's been a year or so since I switched and coverage hasn't really improved for me. Are there plans to piggy back onto more Telus towers or put up there own?

    Or perhaps the system access fee is a big ol' pile of crap and I should know better.

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    Bell should be able to roam on every Telus' tower, but if they don't they just prolly will put more tower.

    BTW their higher system access fee doesn't really mean they'll put more towers than any other company.
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