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    Question SIM card and email Questions on BB 8830


    I'm a long-time (and satisfied) Sprint Treo 650 user, and was just about ready to purchase the newly released Sprint Treo 755 when the sales person convinced me to wait until the new blackberry 8830 comes out in a couple months. I guess I need some more convincing (and I've got some time before the 8830 becomes available). While I love my Treo, and the Palm OS, I wanted to log into the forum to see if someone could help me with a couple of questions:
    1. I plan to spend some time overseas (Israel, specfically). The Sprint salesperson mentioned that the Sprint BB 8830 will have an "unlocked SIM". I'm not really sure what that means, but I get that when I travel over there, I can somehow buy (fairly inexpensively, I understand) a SIM for the country I'm in, and this is a substantial benefit. Could someone please explain A) how does this work (and where would I go to buy such a thing)? and B) Why is this such an advantage? C) Will I still be able to get calls on my US phone number when using the other SIM card?
    2. Since I've had my Treo 650, I've had to use their "pull" software to retrieve emails from my office and personal accounts. I've also recently installed a Microsoft Exchange server in my office. My understanding is that with the Blackberry 8830, I'll be able to sync up (automatically, or by "Push") with my office email, as well as my yahoo accounts. Can someone confirm this? If so, how does this get set up (do I need to hire someone to update my exchange server somehow to work with the Blackberry's server?)

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    Re: SIM card and email Questions on BB 8830

    Ok, i'm in no way shape or form a professional in this area but some info from my experiences:
    1. When I did some travelling in the middle east they gave me an unlock code over the phone and told me i could go purchase a sim card from an international provider. I tested this theory by throwing in a SIM from a different service provider than mine and it did not work. I ended up having to have my friend unlock my phone for me using a program he had. So be skeptical with sales reps, they just want you to buy the phone and get out the door.

    2. I can confirm this and no you wouldn't need to hire anybody it's fairly simple depending on your skill level.

    On a side note I switched from a treo 650 to the BB Pearl and haven't looked back. Treo was good and Palm os isn't bad but the BB had a better life, MUCH better call quality and the email "push" is essential to me. Plus then you'll get much more use out of your Pinstack membership

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    Re: SIM card and email Questions on BB 8830

    To take this a slight step further here are my comments:

    1)a. I just googled "purchase prepaid SIM for israel" and got a very good set of results! Give it a shot! b)It's an advantage because you won't have to pay international calling rates, just the rates of the prepaid SIM provider (rates for the Verizon 8830 internationl GSM are $0.69 - $2.49 per minute). c) No. At least that's my understanding. Your number is assigned to the GSM SIM card when traveling internationally. It would be interesting to see how the phone reacted once you came back into CDMA territory. I assume it would only route your native number calls.

    2) I'm not 100% sure on how you setup your office, but if it's anything like any of the BIS email accounts I have setup on my BB then it should be a BREEZE! There's actually a "email setup" option on your BB. Here you just have to go in and answer a few simple questions like "email address" and Password (then password again to confirm). Soon after the emails come flowing in. Should be a breeze for you. By the way, Yahoo and Gmail work, but you have to pay for premium service for Hotmail/MSN email accounts to work.

    (P.S. keep in mind that anyone using a native GSM phone (aka 8100) will have a much different experience abroad than you will, even with your new dual mode phone)

    I've not heard good things so far with the 8830 traveling, but the verdict is still out on it and that was on Verizon (locked SIM).
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