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Hello to all. I am new to this group and I just received a blackberry ... Western US Stackers forum

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    Question New to forum and blackberry


    Hello to all. I am new to this group and I just received a blackberry at work last week. The learning has been rather interesting.
    I have been trying to find country ringtones or a way to convert my mp3s. I don't want to buy any. Also I have never used a ringback. So, I stumbled upon this site and hope it will help me get a lot of answers to my questions. Also I need to move my phone contacts from my old phone to the BB. My local carrier cannot do it for me.
    Well, so much for now.
    Grandpa Don

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    Welcome Grandpa Don to the may want to edit your profile and add your information including device, carrier, etc. The ringtones are easy to do.....I have over 400 mp3's on my BB 8900 and each one is a ring tone specific to an individual. You can place all your songs in a folder in your desktop and just drag and drop to your BB when connected. However, you will need a MicroSD card for your BB as you most likely won't have enough memory to store your songs. After moving songs to your BB.....a battery pull is a useful move to reset everything. Most people do a battery pull weekly.......there are several ways but the easiest is to just depress the alt key with your left thumb and then right shift with right thumb and right forefinger on del......these need to be done at the same time. Another method is to remove the back case and physically remove the battery for about 30 seconds.....and there are programs that will automate this process as well. When I migrated from my Nokia to the BB world I was using a Nokia app to backup my contacts in Microsoft Outlook. I believe I used that to migrate over to my first BB but there was still a lot of manual entry necessary as the BB had more information associated with each contact than the Nokia. If your previous phone had a sim card you may be able to copy some of the information over to your BB. Again, you will most likely have a lot of manual entry for your contacts. You may also want to subscribe to some of the forums here on Pinstack.....especially your carrier, phone and general smart phone discussions. I think you will find the PS members very supportive and helpful. Good Luck with your new BB.
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