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I pretty much know nothing about these devices. I purchased an 8800 and after two ... Western US Stackers forum

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    new to Blackberry (mac user)


    I pretty much know nothing about these devices. I purchased an 8800 and after two weeks it started malfunctioning horribly. The address book wouldn't find addresses, and when I was texting the other day it wouldn't let me type anything, and regular keys were bringing up the menu. It also dropped a call and started making a high pitch tone. This tone would not stop even when I powered it down. I had to take the battery out.

    I returned the phone today and got a new one because I liked the phone too much to let it go. Is this something that has been happening to people, or is it just a freak incident.

    I also am curious if this is due to the fact that I sync my handheld with my macbook pro using pocket sync manager. Is there a better way to sync with a mac?

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    Re: new to Blackberry (mac user)

    ~via BB ( don't have a mac so I can't answer authoritatively but I see all over these forums that people who have macs and use pocket sync have all kinds of problems with blackberries. I saw in a note somewhere this week that a browser based version of desktop manager is in the works and that it should make life easier for people on unix based platforms including OS X.

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