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My name is E, and I am a Berriholic. It started last year, with a ... Western US Stackers forum

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    IT Dude in Mt View, Ca


    My name is E, and I am a Berriholic.

    It started last year, with a 7290. I convinced the boss that since I am the IT guy, I should know how Blackberries worked.

    I carefuly opened the box and hit the power button. I immediately sync'ed with our BES server. About ten minutes later I was wondering why everyone didn't have a Blackberry.

    I have all kinds of users with all kinds of phones and PDAs. Smart Phones, Blackberries, iPaqs, whatever the flavor of the month is, and the only device I never get Support tickets opened on are the RIM devices. Once they are synced with BES, I forget they even exist. I love my Blackberry users, because they are quiet, content, and happy.

    We use a hosted Exchange service, with BES included. Every Blackberry has worked great with this set up, so if you want BES at work and DONT want to learn/buy/setup Exchange, I highly suggest going this route.

    Last week I decided I wanted an 8300 (Curve). I had tried a Nokia e62 a few months ago, but it did not sync with the Exchange server at all. It was a huge headache getting them to switch me back to the 7290, but I could not live with the e62. I was afraid this would happen with the 8300 too, but went for it anyway.

    The first thing I noticed about the 8300 was that it synced to the BES in less than half the time the 7290 took. That made me happy. After I popped in a 2G MicoSD card, the media player suddenly became useful, and I realized I didnt need to shop around for a new MP3 player, as this would do fine, esp with Bluetooth 2.0.

    Anyway, hi.


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    Re: IT Dude in Mt View, Ca

    Wow...I see you are excited....and yes, just like the rest of us, you are now an official "Crackberry"...


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    Re: IT Dude in Mt View, Ca

    Welcome to the world of CRACKBERRYS....Lol....and the Stacks!

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