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    In 2002 I picked up a Sony Ericsson P800 on e-bay and used it on Cingular Wireless. No internet access (too pricey then) but functioned well as organizer, phone, portable brain. I got tired of the bulk after starting a new business that required me to use nextel as well as my personal Cingular phone, so I switched in '05 to a Motorola Razor. I loved the ability to modify it and became quite addicted. I would spend hours flashing, reflashing, updating, unlocking, unbranding and deleting all the unwanted ringtones and apps that Cingular had loaded on there.

    Now I've picked up my Pearl 8100, still on Cingular/AT&T and have so far added the colorpearl function. I'm writing as I wait for the firmware update, hoping this will help to remove some of the locked garbage that takes up so much memory. Tomorrow I'll be picking up my microSD card and beginning to play in earnest.

    Would love to hear any tips/tricks for thinning out the marketing crap and on good apps to add in the newly found memory.



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    Re: Graduated

    Welcome! My favorite apps are: Google Maps (free), IM+ ($49, but connects to AOLIM, MSNIM, Yahoo IM, Gmail IM, MySpace IM, ICQ, and Jabber), RDM+ ($49 remote desktop app, I loggin to my work or home desktop from my BB, quite handy if you have the extra money, plus with IM+ and RDM+ you get free updates forever) and of course the little Pinstack Application to quickly login to Pinstack.

    This is THE place if you like customizing your device. There are LOTS of talented people here that can help you do JUST about anything that's possible.

    Good luck!

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