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    Question Nextel text messaging issue


    I am not that savy of a BB user so bare with me. I have always had problems recieving and sending text messages with my bb using nextel. I have spent countless hours on the phone with tech support and still can not get it solved. Has anyone else experienced this and how can I get around it?

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    Re: Nextel text messaging issue

    enochbs Welcome to PinStack

    Please make sure that your data coding is set to 7bit b/c I have seen issues with texting if its set to UCS2. This can be checked by going to options\sms text and it should be there.

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    Before getting a pearl, I had the Nextel Blackberry, and had problems with text messages, but then also, Nextel was trying to tell me txt messages where not meant for the BB either.
    Eventually, got it going, its not called SMS with Nextel for some reason.

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