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Took the plunge and purchased my 1st BB 3 weeks ago. Came over from the ... Central US Stackers forum

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    New to BB


    Took the plunge and purchased my 1st BB 3 weeks ago. Came over from the LG Dare because I needed more information on my customers while traveling this fine country of ours.

    I remember the days when I used a Apple Newton and then the Palm. I never knew one could get so much information out of something so small.

    Best part is, I don't use my pc near as much. I work a lot from home and it is nice to go out for a bit and not miss that important email.

    I live in Mid Michigan and absolutely love the BB Storm.

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    Well, welcome to PinStack and the wonderful world of BlackBerry, BBDJ! Glad to have you aboard!

    You can glean lots of information and learn your way around this place affectionately known as the Stacks by going through the links in my signature.


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    Welcome to the family of Blackberry as well as PinStack.

    You can learn almost anything you could ever want to know about your Blackberry here.

    If you have questions ask and someone will always try to help and if they don't know the answer most will try really hard to find it for you.

    Check out the rules and guidelines as well as the Storm threads and you will be well on your way. If you have any issues check the site help link in the upper right section of the screen.

    Again welcome I am sure you will learn to love your Storm even more with the help of PinStack and all its great members.

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    ask me
    wellcome to pinstack BBDJ nice to have you here, you will enjoy this place as i do enjoy it, feel free to ask any question ^^^these guys are awesome...
    When i say i have Bold family phones, I meant it, from the older to the younger, even the unborn ;)

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