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I think it would be real cool if all the Kansas City Metro BB Users ... Central US Stackers forum

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    Kansas City Stackers Gathering.


    I think it would be real cool if all the Kansas City Metro BB Users meet up and hang out.. Like a picnic or something like that.

    But on the other side you would prob see a group of people who are all together and with there heads down Texting and Browsing the web on there phones.

    Anyone what to try this???
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    Ha ha, that's probably a major problem at any blackberry meeting. It would be very quiet, aside from the 'tick tick' of everyone talking on bbm to each other there. I would be up for trying it though. Would be curoous to see how many die hard bb owners live around us. I live in o.p. Kansas by the way. Not quite the metro but close enough.
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