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    Question Is it possible?



    I would like to know If it is possible to add music to the Blackberry Pearl 8100 if you do not have a installed media card. Can the usb cord be used to do this to add music that I own using Windows Media Player. If this is possible how do I do this. Thanks ...

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    Re: Is it possible?

    Yes you should be able but it depends on how much memory you have left on the device (its usually not much). The only thing is that it will make your Phone much slower. The Micro SD card is not that expensive $30 for a 1 GB card and cheaper if you get one online. You may only have room for one or two songs.

    1. Go to option (The wrench)
    2. Scroll down to status.
    3. Look for File Free and File Total.
    4. If file free is almost empty ex. 00001254 do not do it. It could cause your phone to crash.
    5. If is has lots of memory meaning very close to the amount in the file total the you can try to load at your own risk.

    IF you purchase the Micro SD card (Highly Recommended) heres how:

    1. Follow instruction that came with the phone and install SD card.
    2. Plug cable to phone and PC.
    3. Go to my computer and select the new drive detected nomally E:
    4. you will see folders select the music folder and leave it open.
    5. Go to where you have your music stored, select the song(s) drag and drop it in the folder you left open when finished close everything and do safe usb device removal. From the system tray.
    6. Unplug the device.
    7. Go to Media/music/media card/song of you choice.
    8. Enjoy

    * This will work without the card (Which I Don't Recommend) there just won't be an option for media card. Hope it helps.

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    Re: Is it possible?

    i really suggest you go out and get a microSD card. i got a 2gb sandisk from for under $25 shipped.

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