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Hello all. I've had my 8700g for maybe four months and everything was fine. I ... Central US Stackers forum

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    Error Messages


    Hello all. I've had my 8700g for maybe four months and everything was fine. I changed batteries and now when I turn my phone on it goes directly to a white screen and give me an error message. It gives me the option to reset, remove debugger, and a couple of other error messages but the main point is that my phone wont power on and I cannot not use it. Anyone ever run into this problem? Thanks for your time.

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    Re: Error Messages

    I had this happen TWICE with my first Pearl. First time I attempted to upgrade the OS and the Pearl shut down totally. I was able to revive it with the process detailed below.

    Second time I pulled one battery out and inserted another one. It shut down. I tried my other 5 batteries (thinking it was the battery), the USB cord, a wall charger and a car charger. All over a period of 2 days. My problem was that it didn't stay on long enough to give any error messages or white screen. This time I wasn't so lucky on trying to revive it.

    But what you can try to do is find the latest device software for your BB. Install it on the PC. Delete the vendor.xml file. Connect the BB to the PC. Ignore messages about it not finding the BB. Run Desktop Manager. Load the OS via Application Loader. Let it take its time. When it finishes, let the BB reboot but keep it connected to the PC. It may take 2 tries to get this to work if there is any life left in your BB.

    1) IF you see the carrier splash screen come up (I see a huge T-Mobile come across my screen), you have successfully revived your BB.

    2) IF there are still no signs of life, call for a replacement (warranty).
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    Re: Error Messages

    hi - i have the same problem as above and can't load the vendor software because I don't have the information I need... downloaded the software from bb and it says it is not compilant with the device?? suggestions?

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