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Hello To Everyone- I just received from a friend a BB 7290 (his old work ... Central US Stackers forum

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    Hello To Everyone-

    I just received from a friend a BB 7290 (his old work phone that had ATT) that I use my SIM Card in. I have IWireless as my provider (T-Mobile Affiliate). The phone works great for most of what I need, SMS Messages, and basic cell service. The software version on it is 4.1 and it has the Enterprise Activation which I would like to get rid of/take off. I basically want to update some ring tones (MIDI FILES), and be able to get MEdia MEssages on it(pics mainly-like my old phone). My plan is a pay as you go type thing but I do have outgoing/incoming text abilities as part of it. I downloaded the Desktop Manager/Device Manager 4.1 and the phone connects to the BB. Just curious if since it has enterprise on it I am unavailable to do anything more for upgrades. I have searched and searched and either I am not the brightest (which I have been told) or I can't do it right till it is unlocked more, or do I need to add/change my plan. Please any extra help would be great. Thanks-


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    I'm not sure that you can upgrade a 7290 any further. Its an old bb that I don't think you can buy anymore. Not sure what the last os was for it. ~via BB (

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    It is an older Blackberry that is no longer available. I wouldn't be surprised if there are no current updates. It's not a bad device. It's one of my favorites. It's built well and the easiest bb to type with.

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