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Ok ... new guy here... and technology drives me crazy anyway.. my pre-loaded ringtones simply ... Southern US Stackers forum

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    Question novice and frustrated over non-working pre-loaded ringtones, voice notes


    Ok ... new guy here... and technology drives me crazy anyway.. my pre-loaded ringtones simply won't sound off when I want to preview them and my voice notes have the same difficulty... the message says "device media processor is busy" or something like that... and there is a red notice stating "playing error" or similar... when I click on the play triangle icon, it literally clicks and returns in a nanosecond, also some of the ringtones show zero time for duration, others show 2 or 3 seconds,... any one out there who can help me, please? thank you...
    my phone is 8330 Curve with Sprint... unsure what other info may be helpful...ChaplainJohn contact me here if I can get back here and my email...

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    As a noob to BB, the first and often most helpful thing to try is a battery pull. So, literally, remove the battery door, pull the battery, wait a tic or a tock, and then reinsert and let it boot and see if your issues are resolved.

    As for the ringtones with 0 for duration, I believe its because they are sounds that play for less than 1 second. Also, when previewing a ringtone, there are a few different ways to do it. If you are editing a profile, you actually just hover the highlighted ringtone for a moment, and then it'll play (make sure sound profile it set to an audible one). Else, go into the media player, and manually play each ringtone.

    Give that a whirl, and come back with some findings....
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