I came to this forum after looking for info on how to transfer data between a Palm Vx to new Blackberry 8300. Palm's forums cut you off at the knees and gave short answers that you should be asking that question in a Blackberry forum. So here I am. I dropped my Palm Vx yesterday and the glass broke, so now it's stuck in digitizer recalibration mode & won't pull up anything. That touch screen never worked but after paying $350+ for it I have been tourturing myself by keeping it until it was just used up. I've done a bunch of research and concluded that I will not invest in anything without an integrated keyboard, BB seemed to be the logical choice for this. My main focus is databasing my customer contact information and using the phone for customer contact. Nothing else really matters to me other than those two & using a keyboard. Now all I need to do if find where I can transfer all my Palm desktop data to the new BB I plan to purchase today.