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Hey everyone, I'm a new guy who just got my Pearl (8100) last week. It ... Southern US Stackers forum

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    Hey everyone, I'm a new guy who just got my Pearl (8100) last week. It is an awesome device, even without using a data plan. I don't need email, just wanted a good phone/calendar/address book combo with potential for media use and other stuff later if I choose to do it. The data plans are just too expensive for as little as I would use them.

    I'm here to see if there is any way to hack/download any additional "Today" themes. I already unlocked the hidden and other service provider themes using that very helpful thread started by pentace, and am using the O2 Today theme on my AT&T phone, but I want to see if I can find an even better one.

    This has the potential to get very addictive...

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    Re: New Guy

    crossn, welcome to the stacks.
    even without a data plan, try these themes straight from the stacks to you!
    directions are on the lead page
    Been a long while since last login. Sorry all, adjusting to a new life is great and hell at the same time!!

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    Re: New Guy

    Hi crossn,

    Welcome to Pinstack and enjoy all those themes. There are some great ones to choose from.

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