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Hey, I just bought a tmobile BB 8700G off a local for $75.00. It came ... Southern US Stackers forum

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    Smile New 8700G user. Help....!



    I just bought a tmobile BB 8700G off a local for $75.00. It came with holster, new USB cord, earbud, new charger. It's in good shape from what I can tell. I put my Tmobile sim card in and transferred the info at tmobile store. It all seems good, except when I try to set up the internet email and put in my time zone (E.S.T) I get an error "We apologize, There was an error trying to access the service".
    Is that because of the phone software or something to do with tmobile service? I can get around the menus pretty well, but as a business person am not sure how to make this most functional for my use.
    Any tips are appreciated. I have never owned a "smart phone". Is this a good model?


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    Re: New 8700G user. Help....!

    Hey Eric - welcome!

    Have you actually activated a Blackberry Plan with TMO? Thats what you will need to access internet and email.

    You will find the BB to be a great biz tool ...browse these forums for tips, and tricks and never hesitate to ask a question!

    If you have not found it already here are the threads related to the 8700 series devices.
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    Re: New 8700G user. Help....!

    I did the same thing about a week ago; bought a used 8700g off eBay ($90 with shipping). I activated it and they actually have a spot on the website that you can turn on a free Blackberry "switch" so you can send MMS too (you still get charged for SMS text messages, but I opted for the unlimited plan).

    About a week after using the 8700g, I just had to get the unlimited data plan ($19 a month). My browser icon showed up on my phone desktop within minutes, with the email setup icon about 12 hours later. It took about 24 hours before I stopped getting the message you are getting now, both on the phone and on the T-Mobile website ("we apologize, there was an error..."). After that time, I was able to setup the email for the numerous email account I have.

    I then had a problem and was not receiving the emails, even though I was getting several on my computer. I talked with a tech on the phone and they suggested a variety of things, including re-sending my service books, which I did. The final fix, if you want to call it that, was I figured it out myself.

    If you leave your desktop email program open (like I did) and have a fast connection, so you have it check every minute for new mail (like I did), it empties your server before BlackBerry can retrieve your messages. Solution...Turned my email program off when I leave the house, otherwise I don't care if the 8700g gets my mail.

    Good luck!

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