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    Need Help :)


    Just boughtt the 7290 second hand for $50( thought it was a good deal?) and everything seems to be in working order I have just a few questions.
    1. What is the best way to transfer my numbers from an old phone( LG CU500) to this 7290 if possible?
    2. Havent figured out how to access the internet yet and I now I have internet ability on my plan because I accessed it regularly with my old phone?
    3. When or if I do gain internet ability what is the best maps system to use if there is one compatible with this model? From what I understand the 7290 is somewhat obsolete?
    Any help is greatly appreciated thank you!

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    Re: Need Help :)

    1. If the phone numbers were on your SIM, you can transfer them to the BlackBerry's Address Book. Go into the Address Book, Click the wheel and select SMS Phonebook. Now, Click the wheel and select Copy All To Address Book. DONE!

    2. It comes with your BlackBerry Data Plan. You do have a BlackBerry Data Plan, right?

    3. Two free programs come to mind. BlackBerry Maps is very nice, Google Maps is great - and now has GPS like capabilities for all devices using Cell Tower Location. There are several other programs that have mapping and/or direction capabilities - Infospace Find It, Yahoo Go, Live Search just to name a few. Check out my Mini Version Tracker (link in sig).

    And welcome to the BlackBerry community!

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    Re: Need Help :)

    1) Listen to what jdellasala said.

    2) If your previous phone had internet then depending on your carrier, it was prolly just their regular data package e.g. Cingular has Media net. So the Media net browser will work. Blackberries need a blackberry data plan for you to really get the experience. Who is your provider anyway?

    3) Google Maps is really awesome right now. Since they can give you your approximate location even if your phone doesn't have GPS capabilities. is the ota download link if you get the internet working.

    Good luck and keep us informed
    ~via BB (

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