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hey everyone, i was wondering if you could help me find cool features to put ... Southern US Stackers forum

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    hey IM NEW


    hey everyone, i was wondering if you could help me find cool features to put on my new blackberry pearl, because I can't figure out why I have to pay 30 more bucks a month to just have internet, there's gotta be more features THANKS!

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    Re: hey IM NEW

    Hello brettlight05 and welcome to the Stacks! You can visit the 8100 forums for more help and tips on your Pearl. I have to admit though that without a data plan on your BB, you really won't be able to enjoy the full features and benefits the BB has to offer. It's going to be basically just a phone without it.
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    Re: hey IM NEW


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    Re: hey IM NEW

    hey... ya know i had the same thoughts about the cost of it... but i do like being able to get my email without having to be near a computer... and i also like having the internet at my disposal at all times.... i do use jivetalk a bunch also and it allows you to have aim, yahoo, msn, an icq messenger on your phone... that is if you use those.... but lavagirl is right a BB is somewhat useless without a BB plan.... but if ya need any help the forums are great help and also hit me up ive gotta red pearl that ive had for about 5 months now that i love!!

    o an btw the BB Messenger itself is kewl to have!!

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