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i purchased a unlocked blackberry pearl 8100 that was originally a tmobile phone i swaped ... Northeastern US Stackers forum

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    Question unlocked phone problem


    i purchased a unlocked blackberry pearl 8100 that was originally a tmobile phone i swaped my sim card from cingular into it and i woprked for calls but i cannot use the text message feature or any other email, etc does anyone have experience with this and if so what do i do cingular store offical told me to get a download flash but i cannot find the software online anyone know what to do thanks

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    Re: unlocked phone problem

    Two things to try. First, from the Home screen go to Options (sometimes under Settings or Tools), then select Advanced Options --> Host Routing Table. Hit the Menu button (button to the LEFT of the track ball) and select Register Now. You should receive a message almost instantly in Messages with the subject Registration and the message "Your device has been registered on the data network" (or something like that).

    If that doesn't fix it, go to your provider's BIS site (see the bottom of this page) and re-enter your IMEI number on the Change Device page. If you can get to the site on your BlackBerry, your PIN should automatically populate (it should be there already anyway), but if you go to Options --> Status, you can copy your IMEI number and paste it into the field on the web page. You can also do this from your computer.

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    Re: unlocked phone problem

    check that options -> SMS looks somewhat like this:

    Especially the service center number, ofc it will be different for you.
    This information should have been stored in your sim card, but maybe it forgot it.. he he.

    For the email part, the information provided by jdellasala should resolve it.

    Keep us in the loop if it resolves or not

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    Re: unlocked phone problem

    Had friend with same problem. After a little research, I figured out a solution (same thing Sci-tek referred to). Under "Options>SMS Text>Service Center:" Check the number you have entered. I think this number should work for U.S. AT&T "+19703769301".

    Good Luck.
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