Hello, I am new to this board and I hope to have a Blackberry pearl or pearl 2 sometime in the future. I was curious if it would be best to wait until the Pearl 2 comes out this September? Or go ahead get the Pearl now and get the BBP2 later on. Plus I have an Apple Computer 12" PB G4(PPC) format 60gb hdd and so on. I've done mediocre research to see which phone would be the best for me and my girlfriend.

The cellphone provider we are going to is T-mobile and I wish the BBP2 would come sooner than it really is. But I also like the 8300 Curve as well too because it's a real qwerty keyboard unlike the BP sure type keyboard. Well, that's it for my introduction and I hope to have a great learning experience on this board. Also I found this site because I was pruising on HoFo boards and someone in the RIM section had this link to this great site.