Hello fellow Blackberry Lovers!!

My name is Cisco from NYC. My lovely sister just bought me the Blackberry 8800 about a month ago. I'm in love **Tear**. Story time....

My affinity for Blackberrys began when my uncle left for Venezuela last summer and I had to service his clients (we are in the IT field). He encharged to me, a beat up Blackberry 7250. It had dents and chips everywhere, the motorola bluetooth was falling apart and it had a problem in viewing his messages (it would always go to the oldest messages....from like 2 years back!!!). Despite all of this...I loved the scroll, email access, speakerphone, Internet access, Office Sync and picture viewing. As we say in New Yiddy..."It was a wrap!"

I didn't want to get Nextel and the other service providers didn't have the 7250 with the speaker phone (which i need in my field). The other Backberry phones didn't attract me...so I waited....and waited...and then....the Iphone was introduced!!! Dilemma...yes...now I had a crush on 2 phones!! I did all the research...comparisons...signed up to get Iphone updates and kept checking for new Blackberrys....and saved enough cash to get either phone.

Thats when my sister bought the Blackberry Pearl....which is cute...compact...but i needed the full keyboard. She had it for about 2 months when she called me and said "I want the new Blackberry 8800! I'll give u the Pearl if u order it for me through your account!" Of course I was like, "Hell yeah!" So I ordered it immediatly! She came by the next day to take me to the T-Mobile store...she wanted to see it before it came in the mail. She looked at it (I was all envious) turned it around...looked at me and said, "It's too big....u can keep it!" I swear to u a tear came out and was sucked back in!!! I was all smiles for days and went crazy when it finally came in. I took pictures with it (check my profile)....posted it on my Myspace....showed it off to everyone "Look at my baby!" lol

We have been happy together ever since!!

The End.....

Nope....like most males I have a problem with monogomy...I am still attracted to the Iphone....but my Blackberry is a trooper...she doesn't mind sharing me with another...so I'll have both soon as a new version of the Iphone comes out!!!!

In the meantime, my baby is spoiled! She has 2 protective cases (the carrying case and the white protective one)....Motorola Blutooth, just gave her new themes, ordered a memory card, created my own ring tones and music clips for her and I never overcharge her battery. She's worth it!!