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Ok, this is my first theme and frankly I think Im in over my head. ... 88xx Themes forum

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    simple bottom dock. First attempt. please critique. 8830


    Ok, this is my first theme and frankly I think Im in over my head. It seems to work fine for me which in all reality is what I was shooting for, but there seems to be something missing. Or something seems off in the Theme.

    Could a couple of you guys load it up and then tell me what you think? advise for what needs changed?

    The icons are not hard coded, simply rearrange the order on the Main icon screen and the first five will show up on the home screen.

    Just please no "this theme sucks" comments. If you do put that I expect to also read WHY it sucks. But tell me why.

    Ok? thanks.

    Built with Plazmic 4.6 on an 8830 running
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    Sorry bro, I would be happy to help but i have only a curve and a pearl, no 88XX series. Good luck!

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    Welcome to the theme world. Here area a couple of hints and links for help for you. First, please edit your post to include what OS versions the theme is compatible with and maybe which version of Plazmic you used. Also please see the following link for theme posting guidelines:

    Also can you post some screenshots? This will get more to try it if they know what it looks like. Here's a tutorial for how to capture and post your screenshots:
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    From what I can see, it looks pretty good. I have an 8130 on 4.3 so I can't test it out. What I can tell you is that the upper area where the time and date is looks a little clustered. I would try moving some of the stuff around, specifically the time and date, so that they are horizontally aligned. I would also change the network font to match the rest of the theme. And for me, I would create a clear background banner, 320x50 and put it up. Other than that, it looks pretty good.

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    Ok. I will make those changes once I get back home on sunday. Stuck at work untill then. Thank you for your thoughts.

    One reason the banner looks cramped is there are a number of things that I don't use that I couldn't figure out how to get rid of. Such as the wi-fi ixon and signal strength, and then the banner that says blackberry. On my phone these things don't show up so I wasn't worried where they ended up in the theme. Guess I should pay more attention to them. . ~via BB (

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    Your theme looks good, but it's got a right out of the box feel to it. In order to get your theme noticed you have to customize as much as possible without getting to busy. Work on building your own dialog boxes and buttons. The stock ones are all right, but there right out of the box. Build your own banners, and change the title bars to different colors, like on this theme a redish black would have been great. I'm not trying to be harsh or hurt your feeling but jass it up, have fun, make it yours. Download PaintDotNet, a free paint shop that's simple to use and start building, walls, dialog boxes, title bars or anything you can imagine. GBU 4gezzus

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