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Hey does anyone know if Krad made this for an 8800? if so does anyone ... 88xx Themes forum

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    Kradest Indigo Theme


    Hey does anyone know if Krad made this for an 8800? if so does anyone have a ZIP file of it for download anywhere because Krad has taken his downloads offline again....

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    Re: Kradest Indigo Theme

    You can contact him via his website:

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    Re: Kradest Indigo Theme

    As Per Said Site ^^^^^^

    Monday, May 07, 2007

    Themes are down once again

    I have taken the themes down for maintenance. I am going to polish them up and decide what I will do with them. I have not created or in the process of creating themes at this time. I have been extremely busy with work and with moving to my new home. I am also waiting on a few things before I begin new theme development. At this time I will not repost or re-link the themes nor will I email them. If your disappointed, I apologize but there are greater things on the horizon. stay tuned...

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