Hey guys,

This thread follows an unsuccessful inquiry in another forum...

I recently upgraded from the 8703e to the CDMA Curve, and I am really annoyed with the smiley face icon that the Curve uses as a new message/conversation indicator for Blackberry Messenger. My 8703e used a little yellow chat bubble icon instead, and I really want that back!

I'm looking for someone who is savvy with designing themes and would be able to modify the Dimension themes that come loaded on the Curve to swap out the smiley face for the chat bubble as the Blackberry Messenger indicator icon. I would also be willing to negotiate a pay rate for this.

I have read that MSN and Google Talk messengers use a chat bubble as an indicator, but because I haven't used those applications as yet, I am not sure if it's the same chat bubble. If it is, then I would like the themes modified so that the chat bubble is used for Blackberry Messenger and the smiley face is used for MSN and Google Talk messengers.

Please contact me through private message or this thread if you would be able to do this. Thanks!