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I've had my Curve for about 1 month now and i just dont get it, ... Bluetooth Connectivity forum

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    Thumbs down Why's trying to get a bluetooth headset to work with a BB such a crap shoot


    I've had my Curve for about 1 month now and i just dont get it, Bluetooth connectivity sucks! I've read post after post saying that their Bluetooth headset doesnt connect or is just staticy. I have tried 3 different bluetooth headsets, a Plantronics 520, an older Motorola and RIMs own HS-655 and nothing but static as soon as I put it in my pocket, the Plantronics actually worked for a week fine when I got it. I use a Motorokr S9 to listen to my music and this works just fine, I can walk 20 feet away no problem, so whats the problem here? Every other phone I've owned I just bought a Bluetooth headset and it paired, it was that easy. Is this a hardware issue with Blackberry's. or firmware. I have upgraded, downgraded firmware (os) and no luck. If anyone can give me the magic answer here I would appreciate it. I have cleared the IT policy so there shouldnt be anything blocking the connection, there is no way as far as I can tell to see bluetooth signal strengh is there?

    I might just have to goto Best Buy and purchase every bluetooth headset they have until I find one that works.
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    I wish I had an answer for you, I guess I really lucked out....the first bluetooth I bought for my BB was a plantronics voyager 855 for my 8130 and have had no problems......the reception has been fine, people I'm talking to say they can't even tell I'm on a bluetooth, and the only trouble I've had was the BB turning off the bluetooth connection a couple times when my battery was low.
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    I had H*LL with a Plantronics M2500 and a BB 7100t a few years ago (dropped calls, dropped BT connection, and H*LL re-establishing the connection. I put the headset in the box my first BB 7105t came in and never used it again).

    Had issues pairing a Motorola H500 with an 8100. The H500 did work right once I fought with it enough, until I lost the thing...great combo until the H500 fell off my ear and I never saw it again.

    I now use a Motorola H680 and love this thing unless it feels like it's gonna fall off my ear. Easy pairing, no dropped calls or dropped BT connection. If I did lose connection, it's because the battery died in the headset which is why I love the case that came with it. It contains a charging port enclosed in the case.

    Just have to experiment with different phones and headsets. I don't think I will ever use a Plantronics BT again after the success with the Motorolas.

    As for my recommendation....I have seen people rave about the Aliph Jawbone and the Jabra series. Personally for me, the Jawbone is not the best looking headset I have seen but most Stackers say it works because of noise cancellation. Not sure about the Jabra though.

    I love my Moto 680. I get 14 days on one charge (The H500 died after about 7 days). Noise cancellation is good but could be better. My mom called me one day while I had the 680 in my ear. I could barely hear her in the store she called me from. That didn't happen with the H500.
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    I would try the JawBone great bt headset and works great with BB's. Usually the one I recommend to every Blackberry Owner

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    Curve 8300-Moto H 700 or HS 850. Both work like a charm with the 83xx.

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    I've never had a problem with any bt but I must agree my Motorola h500 works very well the h550 isn't bad either~via BB (

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