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I am a new to the forum and new to the Sprint 8130 and I ... Bluetooth Connectivity forum

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    Sprint 8130???


    I am a new to the forum and new to the Sprint 8130 and I have some questions.

    1 When I activate my bluetooth headset the ringer on the phone still rings. I have to manually turn of the ringer on the phone any fixes?

    2 My bluetooth headset has E2DP ability and I can listen to music into the ear piece but when I activate the Sprint TV the sound only comes from the speaker on the phoe and not the ear piece, any fixes?


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    Welcome aboard also bumping and moving to correct forum

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    I have an 8130 through Alltel and have the same issues. The stereo bluetooth I bought (Plantronics Voyager 855) works fabulously with music....but the movies I watch through the video player, videos on youtube, etc., the sound comes through the phone speakers or through a wired headset, but not the bluetooth.

    I do not believe there is a fix for it, same with the must be silenced in the profile you are using, having the bluetooth on will not cause the ringer to come through the bluetooth.

    I have searched quite a bit and have seen others asking the same questions but getting no answers other than, no it can't be changed.

    But, if someone knows of a way, please share......the ringer doesn't bother me, but I really wish the A2DP bluetooth would work with movies....
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